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15.01.2015 16:44:15
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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016

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Big Boy Golden Delay Gel delays ejaculation thanks to a slightly anaesthetizing gel.

By postponing orgasm, men contribute to better sex. Big Boy Golden Delay Gel temporarily anaesthetizes the most sensitive spots of the penis. This way reach a climax less rapidly and so you enjoy sex longer.

Retention of orgasm.

Certified product.

Produced by Cobeco Pharma (Netherlands).


Sex helps maintain a healthy relationship, but also helps your body stay in shape. Why are we cutting back on times we have it then? Sometimes physically you just does not function all that well anymore. Golden Erect is a new best selling erection stimulator. The amount youthfulness circulating in your body decreases as you age. But thanks to Golden Erect the body process of breaking down the essential elements for youthfulness remains. See to it that you too stay vital and keep an erection hard and lasting.

Content: 8 caps.


New delivery!!! Just from manufacturer!!!  Expiration date 2021 year!!!

Big Boy Golden XXL is the best alternative for a small penis. Avoid surgery and get yourself a larger penis quickly. The tablets promote the circulation in your genitals and make your penis longer and wider. Your sex partner will be very enthusiastic about the result!

Certifies product.

Manufactured by Cobeco Pharma (Netherlands).


BIG BOY GOLDEN ERECT CREAM For a bigger penis try Big Boy Golden Erect Cream.
The erectile tissue in your penis fills up more easily. As a result the penis becomes thicker and longer. The cream also helps you maintain an erection longer.


BIG BOY GOLDEN STIMU GEL Big Boy Stimu Gel is a stimulating gel for the penis. It enhances sensitivity and makes penetration more intense. The special ingredients give a sensational titillating feeling and result in waves of ultimate sexual pleasure.


ViaCaps for more sexual enjoyment of the man. Thanks to the enormous popularity of our strong Big Boy brand with consumers, we decided to evolve and redevelop ViaCaps for the German market. Big Boy is popular amongst adult men, how want to remain boyish, with all youthfulness and playfulness that is associated with this. ViaCaps by Big Boy supports them.
This is one of the first products by Big Boy which was specially assembled for the Eastern Europe market. ViaCaps are already successfully introduced onto the German market.