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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016

Complete care product that firms and lifts buttocks and thighs, and helps counter cellulite! Body Stack curbs your urge to have a nice snack and enhances your natural metabolism! Gives dull and/or brittle hair the chance to be glossy, smooth and strong again! Nails helps maintain healthy and strong nails! Skin care and wrinkle reduction in one! Helps to preserve the natural beauty via skin care from within! Softens and nurses the skin after depilating the bikini line! Supports the capacity of the skin for colour synthesis! Promotes and accelerates the tanning process! Skin lightening for sensitive areas!

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Helps with weight loss and weight management based on Artichoke and Guarana. Features: - Promotes the weight loss - Supports the metabolism and fat burning - Helps with weight control Artichoke Weight Balance supports in a natural way the weight loss and weight management. These unique capsules contain a balanced blend of Artichoke extract and Guarana. Artichoke stimulates the digestion and has a positive effect on the metabolism. It therefore contributes to an optimal fat and calorie metabolism. Artichoke also acts as a diuretic. Thanks to Guarana, a natural ingredient that contains caffeine, Artichoke Weight Balance provides the body with extra energy and helps you to burn more calories, which results in weight loss.

Certified product. Produced by Cobeco Phama,


Provides support to physical effort and boosts the metabolism with Caffeine.

- Supports physical performance
- Gives energy
- Helps with weight loss and weight management 

Yellow Subs Xtreme is a well-balanced food supplement with vitamins and minerals to support physical effort. These capsules make use of the unique properties from natural derived caffeine and function as an effective energy booster. Yellow Subs Xtreme gives extra energy, offers support during physical performance and helps with weight loss and weight management.