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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016

A natural stimulant which is entirely geared towards the needs of the female

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Intimate Stimu Gel for Women, 85ml to increase women sexual exciting.

Thanks to the convenient packaging the product is easily and efficiently to dose. Apply a desired amount on and around the clitoris. The gel is light in texture and easy to apply. It has a pleasant neutral scent and is therefore delightful during usage. The special developed formula contains natural extracts, including Menthol, which warms the clitoris and the sensitive skin around it with a pleasant tingling sensation. For pleasurable and intense intimate moments.

Certified product.

Produced by Cobeco Pharma (Netherlands).


VENICON FOR WOMEN!! Venicon for Women helps to relax and wakens your desire!
Venicon for Women is a natural stimulant which is entirely geared towards the needs of the female. It stimulates the flow of blood to the erogenous zones, which will make you experience caresses more intensely. In addition, Venicon for Women helps you to relax mentally which will make it easier for you to feel sexy. Having used Venicon, you feel a lot more!

Content 4 caps.

Via Sensual Oil is an erotic oil which stimulates the woman's libido. The oil makes the clitoris more sensitive, gives the warm, more intensive and sensual feeling, so that you will experience stronger desire. Instruction for use: apply the oil on and around the clitoris and massage gently.

Libido caps for women. Libido Power, Vitality, Sexual Desire! Take one capsule unchewed with sufficient of liquid. The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. 35.6% L-Arginine, 33.9% Damiana root powder, 11.9% Pomegranate Extract


MEXICAN FLY For an optimum state of sexual excitement.
Mexican Fly is a close relative of the Spanish Fly. This overseas passionate cousin really knows what spicy means! Mexican Fly holds 15 small pills for men as well as women. Each small pill is a powerful compound of the most erotic components known to the world. A promise of sensual nights for you and your lover. 

Samba in the city!

Certified product.

Produced by Cobeco Pharma (Nīderlande).


CHOCOLINE Only the passionate ingredients from legendary Chocolate. For more positive sexuality.
Only the sweet not the bitters of life.
Chocolate energizes and is erotically tempting. Especially women seem to really have a craving for it. Only the quintessential ingredients that make chocolate exciting and erotically stimulating now occur in Chocoline. Chocoline is therefore more lustenhancing compared to regular Chocolate. These brown octagon shaped tablets are free of fat, sugar and flavor. Chocoline arouses both men and women.


Libido caps for women. Libido Power, Vitality, Sexual Desire! Take one capsule once a day, two hours before the desired effect, unchewed with sufficient liquid. The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Cardamon Semen powder, 100mg Oatmeal, 30 mg Guarana Semen powder, Muira Puama bark extract, Niacin 5mg, Folic acid 50mkg

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GEIL (DE) Women choose Geil
Releasing your passions in freedom. Fierce, passionate, excitement, spicy, hot is what Geil means. But what more than a wild desire you wish for? After Geil this will be reality. Treat yourself to a romantic atmosphere, a good glass of wine and Geil. You will notice you will not be able to keep your hands of your partner. Geil is a mix of herbs and special nutrition elements which will prompt sexual lust in women. It will make you sweat with sexual arousal in steamy hot nights.

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VIAXINE  Ideal for long lasting nights of love-making.
Take Viaxine for more stamina, intense orgasms, more lust and excitement. Even the most frigid couple will become hot from Viaxine. Every caress is more intense and you will feel much more excited. You can be sure that your partner will stay awake and also enjoy the moments after making love. Even the women become wild and lose control completely thanks to Viaxine. This wild game of love will unfold into an explosive orgasm for both of you. Super-Erotic!

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