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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016

Means for prolongation of sexual intercourse of men, detain premature ejaculation, prolong sexual intercourse. Apply men who wish to be strong in love and to prolong sexual intercourse time!

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Velv'Or Manhood Penis Delay - longer lasting erections. 

Prevents premature ejaculation 

Get more confident. 

Contents 12 ml.

Out of stock

Cobeco Delay Cream is the formula to postpone your orgasm! Control the moment of ejaculation!Directionfor use: To be used prior to sexual intercourse. Apply a thin layer of the cream on the male genitals and then massage it into the skin. The cream has a locally anaesthetising effect. For external use only. Keep out of reach of little children. Store in a cool dark place. Contents: 100 ml


Big Boy Golden Delay Gel delays ejaculation thanks to a slightly anaesthetizing gel.

By postponing orgasm, men contribute to better sex. Big Boy Golden Delay Gel temporarily anaesthetizes the most sensitive spots of the penis. This way reach a climax less rapidly and so you enjoy sex longer.

Retention of orgasm.

Certified product.

Produced by Cobeco Pharma (Netherlands).


Delays orgasm for a long time.
Premature ejaculation is something that bothers more than 60% of the men, not to forget their partners! Premature ejaculation turns sex into too short an experience whereas both of you would actually have liked to enjoy it longer. Use Bull Power Delay Gel for long-lasting intimate contact without worrying about premature ejaculation. Bull Power Delay Gel can delay the discharge of semen for as long as 30 minutes!


BLACK STONE SPRAY Delays ejaculation thanks to a slightly anaesthesing spray.
Men often come faster than they would actually like. By postponing orgasm, men contribute to better sex for both partners. Black Stone Spray temporarily anaesthetises the most sensitive spots of the penis. You reach a climax less rapidly and so you enjoy sex longer. Thanks to Black Stone Spray you will now climax together with your partner, having fi rst enjoyed long-lasting love-making!


Desensitizes mildly and delays ejaculation - for long-lasting sexual pleasure.
A common problem that affects many men – not to mention their partners – is called premature ejaculation. The man reaches orgasm a lot quicker than he would like to, making sex a short-lived event while both he and his partner would have really liked to enjoy it far longer. The exclusive coolMann Delay Gel temporarily desensitizes the penis head making it less sensitive and helps postpone ejaculation.