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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016

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Big Boy Golden Delay Gel delays ejaculation thanks to a slightly anaesthetizing gel.

By postponing orgasm, men contribute to better sex. Big Boy Golden Delay Gel temporarily anaesthetizes the most sensitive spots of the penis. This way reach a climax less rapidly and so you enjoy sex longer.

Retention of orgasm.

Certified product.

Produced by Cobeco Pharma (Netherlands).

Sex helps maintain a healthy relationship, but also helps your body stay in shape. Why are we cutting back on times we have it then? Sometimes physically you just does not function all that well anymore. Golden Erect is a new best selling erection stimulator. The amount youthfulness circulating in your body decreases as you age. But thanks to Golden Erect the body process of breaking down the essential elements for youthfulness remains. See to it that you too stay vital and keep an erection hard and lasting. Content: 8 caps.
Big Boy Golden XXL is the best alternative for a small penis. Avoid surgery and get yourself a larger penis quickly. The tablets promote the circulation in your genitals and make your penis longer and wider. Your sex partner will be very enthusiastic about the result! Certifies product. Manufactured by Cobeco Pharma (Netherlands).

BIG BOY GOLDEN ERECT CREAM For a bigger penis try Big Boy Golden Erect Cream.
The erectile tissue in your penis fills up more easily. As a result the penis becomes thicker and longer. The cream also helps you maintain an erection longer.


Vanilla-flavored nipples, strawberry sweet cheeks hmmm, and we all know that feeling when we crave chocolate. Jou Jou lubricants have a flavor plus function which will rev your attention. Jou Jou combines effective intimate lubrication with the excitement of tasting each other’s bodily parts. And with no extra calories! Any parts you missed are then easily rinsed with water from both skin and fabric. Now with special long-term lubrication properties and nice mouth watering great taste, not sugary. Jou Jou are sweet smelling, latex safe, colorless and non sticky. Nice 1930’s Showgirl style in lace and velvet.
Exciting new flavors: Forest fruit, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and peppermint .


BIG BOY GOLDEN STIMU GEL Big Boy Stimu Gel is a stimulating gel for the penis. It enhances sensitivity and makes penetration more intense. The special ingredients give a sensational titillating feeling and result in waves of ultimate sexual pleasure.


Desensitizes mildly and delays ejaculation - for long-lasting sexual pleasure.
A common problem that affects many men – not to mention their partners – is called premature ejaculation. The man reaches orgasm a lot quicker than he would like to, making sex a short-lived event while both he and his partner would have really liked to enjoy it far longer. The exclusive coolMann Delay Gel temporarily desensitizes the penis head making it less sensitive and helps postpone ejaculation.

CoolMann Male Potency Tabs activates sexual arousal and improves male potency. For more energy and optimum performance. You wish to boost potency, but in an responsible manner? With coolMann Male Potency Tabs you stimulate sex drive and lift your libido in a natural way. You will not only experience a growth in sexual strength, but as well feel more vital with each new day. So renew your strengths in several ways by using coolMann Male Potency Tabs. Certified product. Produced by COBECO PHARMA (Netherlands). 60 tabs
Out of stock

ViaCaps for more sexual enjoyment of the man. Thanks to the enormous popularity of our strong Big Boy brand with consumers, we decided to evolve and redevelop ViaCaps for the German market. Big Boy is popular amongst adult men, how want to remain boyish, with all youthfulness and playfulness that is associated with this. ViaCaps by Big Boy supports them.
This is one of the first products by Big Boy which was specially assembled for the Eastern Europe market. ViaCaps are already successfully introduced onto the German market.


Enhances cum production and virility.

Sperm enhancer based on Zinc and Selenium.


- Contributes to a healthy/normal spermatogenesis

- Contrubutes to an optimal sperm production

- Helps with animproved fertility

- Support healthy testosterone levels 

Coolmann Cum Enhancer is a unique product based on natural ingredients which help to improve sperm production and quality. These capsules support the maintenance of healthy testosterone levels and have a positive effect on the fertility, the sexual organs and the physical well-being. Regular consumption of these capsules contributes to a healthy sperm quality and stimulates the sperm production.

CoolMann Cum Enhancer Caps helps to enhance sperm quality, sperm mobility and sperm count. Improve your self-confi dence, achieve longer and more intense orgasms and ejaculations and increase your sexual desire.

Content 30 caps.

Produced by COBECO PHARMA (Netherlands).


coolMann Hair improves hair quality and hair texture. coolMann Hair can even counter the loss of colour and in some cases might even repair natural hair colour!
There are different kinds and causes for hair loss. The most prevalent form is called androgenetic alopecia. This is the most typical form of hair loss which begins in the frontal area of the scalp slowly moving to the top. For this group coolMann Hair is suitable.

Out of stock

CoolMann Male Erotics Eau de Toilette (100 ml).

Product Features
Using New CoolMann's tempting fragrance, you stimulate desire in a natural way specific to humans. The pheromones work in harmony with your body, so when you release your own pheromones when you see something you like, the pheromone fragrance enhances their power!
Stir desire with this powerful but invisible erotic fragrance...and attract the object of your passions.
Pheromones are completely undetectable natural seductive aromas which have a psychological arousing effect.
Through enhancing body scent we subconsciously receive a special feeling about that man or woman. Men have a musky odour, while women spread a more sweet and delicate scent. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of little children.

Out of stock

Suitable for erotic and full-body massages, but also perfect to use as a lubricant. Ideal for your own personal little pleasures. This gel makes sure that you enjoy erotic pleasures even more intensely! coolMann Bodyglide is dermatologically tested, latex-safe, does not stick and does not dry up.

COOLMANN POTENCY DIRECT ERECTION (16 CAPS) to increase potency. Stimulates the erection and enhances sexual potency! Many hundreds of thousands of men in The Netherlands have problems getting an erection. The cause can be both physical and psychological. CoolMann Potency Direct stimulates the blood flow, widens the blood vessels to the penis, but also helps in relax. Natural Aphrodisiac! Content 16 caps.
COOLMANN POTENCY DIRECT ERECTION (60 tabs) to increase potency. Stimulates the erection and enhances sexual potency! Many hundreds of thousands of men in The Netherlands have problems getting an erection. The cause can be both physical and psychological. CoolMann Potency Direct stimulates the blood flow, widens the blood vessels to the penis, but also helps in relax. Natural Aphrodisiac! Content 16 caps.

coolMann Anal Gel is a water-based lubricant. It enhances your personal pleasure. It enhances sexual intercourse. It is suited for use with latex condoms. coolMann Anal Gel has been dermatological tested, is free of fat, colourless, odourless and has a neutral taste. Stylish design for modern confident men.


2SEDUCE AFTER DEPILATION SILK SENSITIVE SKIN Soothes and nourishes the sensitive skin after depilation.
Modern and pleasurable, excited way of life? Carefully choose a cream that pampers just a little extra. After shaving or waxing away hair use 2Seduce After Depilation Silk Sensitive Skin nourishes and soothes irritative skin. It minimizes uncomfortable itching, or reddening of the skin. The Silk Sensitive After Depilation is silky smooth and has a lustrious odour which will make you a temptress the 2Seduce way.


2SEDUCE EROTIC BODYGLIDE each other with naughty body massages!
Spoil yourself and fall in love with this product! 2Seduce Erotic Bodyglide seduces. Seduce each other with naughty body massages and have more erotic pleasure. This lubricant is gentle for the skin, and oil free. And do you know what is also beautiful about this product? It nourishes the skin! Therefore 2Seduce Erotic Bodyglide is a multi-purpose and complete product. The packing is discrete, and nevertheless kinky colored in pink! 2Seduce Erotic Bodyglide, especially for the modern, self-confident woman.


Renew your love life!
Many women (and men) have dreams of their love life to be as the first time. Not all woman are the same and some have more trouble than others with a widening of the vagina. Many times caused by having children. 2Seduce Female Tighten Gel makes your dream to make love as before come real. This special gel improves the elasticity of the vagina and helps tighten it. Surprise yourself and your partner and make your love life like the first time.


2SEDUCE INTIMATE SENSUAL CREAM Experience the erotic sensation as never before and enjoy sex more!
2Seduce has experience with female sexuality and knows what a woman likes. 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream warms you up! Experience your genitals become nicely sensitive directly after applying the cream. Your lust for sex will increase immediately! It tingles delightful and you will enjoy sex more. 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream is rich in erotic substances with a skin caressing and sensual effect. 2Seduce is tempting and naughty. Again and again.


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