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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016

Complete care product that firms and lifts buttocks and thighs, and helps counter cellulite! Body Stack curbs your urge to have a nice snack and enhances your natural metabolism! Gives dull and/or brittle hair the chance to be glossy, smooth and strong again! Nails helps maintain healthy and strong nails! Skin care and wrinkle reduction in one! Helps to preserve the natural beauty via skin care from within! Softens and nurses the skin after depilating the bikini line! Supports the capacity of the skin for colour synthesis! Promotes and accelerates the tanning process! Skin lightening for sensitive areas!

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CC Tan Faster supports the capacity of the skin for colour synthesis!
Everyone who has a nice tan, looks fit, young and healthy! So naturally, you prefer a natural tan to a pale skin. Tan Faster nourishes the skin with natural components which are very important to the natural tanning process. Once you have used Tan Faster, you will develop a healthy tan a lot sooner!


CC TAN FASTER CREAM Promotes and accelerates the tanning process.
Tan Faster Cream is a natural cream that accelerates tanning and provides extra protection against the sun. The cream is ideal for daily use and enables you to benefi t of the sun’s rays in your garden, on your terrace, while shopping, training or engaging in any outdoor activity. The cream is suitable for using in a sun bed and here too it will promote and accelerate the tanning process. You can also use Tan Faster to retain your tan longer or to intensify the tan you already have.