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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016
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JouJou Lubricants

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Vanilla-flavored nipples, strawberry sweet cheeks hmmm, and we all know that feeling when we crave chocolate. Jou Jou lubricants have a flavor plus function which will rev your attention. Jou Jou combines effective intimate lubrication with the excitement of tasting each other’s bodily parts. And with no extra calories! Any parts you missed are then easily rinsed with water from both skin and fabric. Now with special long-term lubrication properties and nice mouth watering great taste, not sugary. Jou Jou are sweet smelling, latex safe, colorless and non sticky. Nice 1930’s Showgirl style in lace and velvet.
Exciting new flavors: Forest fruit, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and peppermint .

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