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Viagel for Women 30ml - stimulating gel for female genitals

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VIAGEL FOR WOMEN! Erotically stimulating gel for the female genitals. Enhances sensitivity and makes you experience penetration even more intensely. 

Many women use Viagel for Women to achieve optimum sexual pleasure. It feels wonderful and it is fun to have your partner apply it to your body. The moment the gel is applied to the body, the genitals become more sensitive and you are even more in the mood. Just surrender to a wonderfully titillating sensation!

How does it work Thanks to the handy packaging, the product is easy, targeted and efficient to dose. Apply a desired amount to and around clitoris. Immediately after applying the gel, the woman experiences cold and warm tingling. How long these can be felt depends on the dosage. Apply more gel if desired. The product has a light structure, is easy to spread and has a pleasantly fresh and neutral scent. The specially developed formula contains natural extracts, including menthol, that heat the clitoris and sensitive skin around it and tingle in a pleasant way. This allows a greater excitement and maximum pleasure to be experienced.

Content 30ml.

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