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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016

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Proof of penis enlargement has already been provided by a scientific study conducted at a Germany urological clinic. The fact that the belt can be worn comfortably and invisibly under your clothes contribute substantially to the success of PenisPlus+® system.
PenisPlus+® is prescribed by many Urologists and Andrologists for penis elongation and/or enlargement. A permanent larger and thicker penis without surgery has at last become a reality with our patented Phallosan penis enlargement set. PenisPlus+® enables permanent penis enlargement in both length and girth with in only a few months of use.

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Manual method of increasing penis! It is especially convenient with creams for penis enlargement and for the it's training  when the ex-tender is inaccessible.


A penis enlargement course stimulates penis growth, enhances feelings of lust and results in a stronger erection that lasts longer.
Many men are not happy with the length of their penis. The length determines masculinity to a considerable degree and for many women it has an impact on the quality of the sex they have.
The daily use of Penis XL allows you to let your penis grow in a simple manner. Results will be visible already within weeks!


Virility Development Cream Stimul8 Penis Enhancer cream, 50 ml
External Use. Apply daily some cream onto the penis and massage gently.


Tablets Penis 3 in 1 Andro Pharma.

The length. determines masculinity to a considerable degree and for many women it has an impact on the quality of the sex they have. The daily use of Andropharma Penis 3-in-1 formula allows you to let your penis grow in a simple manner!

Produced in USA.

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Penis Enlargement Cream Largo
A specially prepared penis maintenance cream that gets to work quickly and effectively! Most men experience visible results in just 5 days! For prime results massage into the penile shalf for 3 minutes twice daily. For external use only! Keep out of reach of children. Not sold as a medicine and not intended to cure madical canditions.


Men, pay attention! Make your strongest weapon even stronger.
Penis + Erect will guarantee a stiffer erection and will make your penis longer. The combination of the ingredients ensures a better blood fl ow and expansion of erectile tissue in the penis.
Penis + Erect makes the penis longer and wider. Absolutely recommended! Content: 90 tablets.


Stimulate the growth of the penis!
Unsatisfied about the length of the penis? Mr.Big for Men Lavetra, 22tabs is the best alternative for a small penis. Have a good alternative for surgery and cut cost instead. For a reasonable price effective results are soon within reach. These tablets promote circulation of the genitals and stimulate growth and girth. Your sex partner will be enthused with these results.


Penis Enlargement GIGAMAN CREAM. For harder erection.
200 ml Tube of Penis Development massage creme with herbs.

Content 100 ml.

Rock Hard for a larger penis and a longer lasting erection. Do what thousands of men before you have done. Try Rock Hard to make your penis bigger. Your penis grows while you nap. The erectile tissue in your penis fi ll up while you sleep and you awake with a larger penis. Not only thicker, but also longer. Rock Hard also sees to it that you maintain your erection longer. Stimulate the growth of your penis! Content 30 tablets. Manufactured COBECO PHARMA (Netherlands).

Penis Enlargement Super Sizer Cream
200 ml Tube of Penis Development massage creme with herbs.


Andropenis ® is a penis enlargement medical device which may also reduce penile curvature and the risk of retraction after penile surgery. Increase of penis length from 3 to 4 cm in erect and flaccid state (1.2'' to 1.6'') and a girth increase of 1,5 cm (0.6'') Andropenis ®, is classified as a Type 1 Medical device by the European Health Authorities and has the CE mark. Andromedical is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified and ISO 13485:2003 medical devices certified.
The device is composed of a plastic ring connected by two dynamic metal rods, a plastic support and a silicone band that holds the glans in place.
It is a European device, which can be easily worn and taken off. It is very discreet and comfortable and may be worn while walking, sitting and standing.


Penis Care Cream
Apply twice a day a layer of cream onto the entire length of the penis and massage gently. Keep away from children. External use. Best before: see above. No Paraben!