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Claudia - специально подобранный мастурбатор, который легко держать в руках. Он легко поддается на любое ваше движение. 

Удобный дизайн позволяет пользователю удобно удерживать в руках этот мастурбатор. Реалистичное покрытие, розовые половые губы и клитор, чтобы добавляет еще больше реалистичности. Внутри маленькие выпуклости и ребра усиливают эрекцию. 

Материал Realskin предназначен для любой эрекции и быстро нагревается до температуры тела. Центр Open-End быстро и легко очищается. 

Цвет: телесный 

Длина: 12,7 см

Материал: RealSkin



Vitamins complex with Vitamins B1, B6, B8, B12 and Magnesium, which contributes to the normal function of the nervous system and mental well-being, it contributes to positive effect on your libido. Features: - Contributes to good mental health and mental well-being - Supports a healthy function of the nervous system - Supports the sexual performance - Supports a positive effect on the libido and stamina Cobeco Intimate Viper Libido Vitamins is a unique food supplement containing Vitamins and Magnesium to stimulate the muscles, nerves and mind. This has a positive effect on the healthy function of the nervous system, sexual performance and mental well-being, which supports the libido and helps supporting the erection.



Ingredients per 3 ml: water, 39 mg L-arginine, 39 mg Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), 39 mg saw palmetto (Serenoa repens), 39 mg cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), 15 mg Ginkgo biloba, 15 mg L-glutamic acid, 15 mg L-alanine, 15 mg L-lysine, 15 mg NE* niacin (as nicotinamide) (=83% RDA**), sodium chloride, preservatives: E211, E202. *NE = niacin equivalent, **RDA = recommended daily amount. 

Usage Shake well before using. Spray 3 ml ( 2 to 5 sprays) under your tongue about 15 minutes before the wanted effect. Do not take more than 3 ml within 24 hours. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving. 

Additional information: This is a herbal, amino acid and vitamin preparation. A food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Content 15ml.

Perfect Performer Direct (8 caps) increases your sex drive and stamina and lets you perform like a 18 year old buck. With Perfect Performer Direct your erection will be harder and last longer, making your sexual life more active and keeping your partner satisfied. Guaranteed effectiveness without any known side-effects. A blister contains 8 tablets. Produced by COBECO PHARMA (Netherlands).

Velv'Or Manhood Penis Delay - longer lasting erections. 

Prevents premature ejaculation 

Get more confident. 

Contents 12 ml.

Out of stock

Male Eau de Toilette Stimulates natural desire, enhances sensuality and contribute to positive emotional states and mood.

Pheromones are not visible to the naked eye. They are natural erotic aroma’s which have a psychological arousing effect. Through body scent we subconsciously, receive a special feeling about that man or woman. Thanks to Cobeco Pheromones tempting scents you stimulate desire in a natural way specific to humans. Men have a musky odor, while women spread a more sweet and delicate scent.


BATHMATE HYDROMAX X20 - прозрачный, красный и синий цвета. 

Brend Bathmate 3000012680
EAN 5060140204091
Retail price € 119.00

Material - silicone
Diameter outside 9 cm 

Total length 26 cm

Body safe, waterproof

35% more powerful than the original Hercules, designed by award winning engineers to be powerful, but remain safe and kind to the body. Smart Latch Valve, making the pump easier to fill in the shower.
New improved comfort pad, making the unit easier to seal against the body.
Designed for a penis size no larger than 6 inches.


Enjoyments’ done with all your senses.
The taste of fresh apple, banana or blackberry. Can you think of more sweet sensations which usually only top off a cake? Or are you more a cola fanatic? It’s now twice the enjoyment with Spanish Fly. This legendary love potion has been claiming name and fame for centuries as a lust enhancer. This immensely popular product is now turned into 10 different flavor varieties.
Choose your favorite flavor: Caramel Fudge, Fresh Apple, Chocolate Sensation, Blackberry Mix, Pineapple Pleasure, Strawberry Dreams, Raspberry Romance, Tropical Kiwi, Banana Sunshine also Cola Kicks.


CHOCOLINE Only the passionate ingredients from legendary Chocolate. For more positive sexuality.
Only the sweet not the bitters of life.
Chocolate energizes and is erotically tempting. Especially women seem to really have a craving for it. Only the quintessential ingredients that make chocolate exciting and erotically stimulating now occur in Chocoline. Chocoline is therefore more lustenhancing compared to regular Chocolate. These brown octagon shaped tablets are free of fat, sugar and flavor. Chocoline arouses both men and women.


VIAGEL FOR MEN 30mlStimulating gel for the penis. Enhances sensitivity and makes penetration even more intense.
After the success Viagel for Women as well, Viagel for Men is now available. The wonderful gel is already tremendously popular in the United States and at last, it is now also available in The Netherlands. The special ingredients give a sensational titillating feeling and result in waves of ultimate sexual pleasure. After the fi rst time, you will notice that you will want to continue to use the gel.

How does it work The convenient packaging makes the product easy and efficient to dose. Apply a desired amount on and around the intimate areas. The gel is light in texture and easy to spread. The special developed formula contains natural extracts, including Capsicum Frutescens, which let the delicate skin around off the penis be warmed accompanied with a pleasant tingling sensation, causing a greater excitement and maximal enjoyment.

Content 30ml.


Penis XL Duo Pack - komplex of 30 tabs  + cream 30 ml.

Penis XL Tabs, 30tabs. A penis enlargement course stimulates penis growth, enhances feelings of lust and results in a stronger erection that lasts longer. Many men are not happy with the length of their penis. The length determines masculinity to a considerable degree and for many women it has an impact on the quality of the sex they have. The daily use of Penis XL allows you to let your penis grow in a simple manner. Results will be visible already within weeks!

Penis XL Cream, 30 ml
Penis XL Cream makes your erection stronger and harder.
This cream will guarantee a stiffer erection and will make your penis longer. The combination of the ingredients ensures a better blood flow and expansion of erectile tissue in the penis. Penis XL Cream makes the penis longer and thicker. Recommended!

Manufactured COBECO PHARMA (Netherlands).

COOLMANN POTENCY DIRECT ERECTION (16 CAPS) to increase potency. Stimulates the erection and enhances sexual potency! Many hundreds of thousands of men in The Netherlands have problems getting an erection. The cause can be both physical and psychological. CoolMann Potency Direct stimulates the blood flow, widens the blood vessels to the penis, but also helps in relax. Natural Aphrodisiac! Content 16 caps.

SEXUAL SENSATION DROPS! Make it last eternally with Sexual Sensation.
When partners make love in the night they don’t get cold. The heat makes you both hot. Sexual Sensation makes you RANDY and stimulates desire. Desire Erotic Potion? 

Benefit from this economy pack of 100 ml quickly!