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Mani plāni uz atvaļinājumu 2016

Support libido and potency, increase man's force and sexual endurance all night long! Increase libido & sex drive. Enhance sexual stamina. Improve control, sensation & pleasure. Boost energy level & vitality. Help naturally solve sexual performance problems, especially those due to aging.

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COBRA Enhances sexual potency and improves sexual performance.
Men have used different herbs, roots and other aphrodisiac potions for ages. Only the best and the most effective ingredients have been gathered from all over the world: Asia, the Pacifi c and Africa, to produce Cobra. Cobra enhances sexual potency and improves sexual performance. It delays the orgasm, makes you climax more intensely and stimulates the erection. Experience the power of the snake yourself and try out Cobra today!


BLACK STONE SPRAY Delays ejaculation thanks to a slightly anaesthesing spray.
Men often come faster than they would actually like. By postponing orgasm, men contribute to better sex for both partners. Black Stone Spray temporarily anaesthetises the most sensitive spots of the penis. You reach a climax less rapidly and so you enjoy sex longer. Thanks to Black Stone Spray you will now climax together with your partner, having fi rst enjoyed long-lasting love-making!


VENICON FOR MEN Venicon stimulates the erection and enhances sexual potency!
Many hundreds of thousands of men in The Netherlands have problems getting an erection. The cause can be both physical and mental. Venicon stimulates the blood flow, expands the blood vessels to the penis, but also helps to relax. Venicon makes you more of a lover!


TESTOS DROPS Erotically charged drops for heightened sexual pleasure.
The nights are heated and hot. The meter readings in your body are low and you feel languid. A new sexual sensation for men is called Testos Drops. Take Testos Drops from the drawer of the bedside table. This exciting drink soon arouses your strongest desire and allows you to enjoy sex for hours on end. You feel quickly aroused again, but you do not get out of bed, guess why...?